Are you looking for a headlamp to take with you on your next adventure? Headlamps are essential tools for any excursion into the great outdoors. The right headlamp is the primary safety feature of any camping, rock climbing, or backpacking experience. When searching for headlamps, it’s important to prioritize quality, safety, and ease of use. It can be tough identifying the best lights for outdoor adventures, especially when there are so many to choose from. In this post, we’ll look closely at the best headlamps on the market so that you can ignite your next journey properly!

What to Look for When Buying a Headlamp

Your headlamp can be your key to success the next time you step outside. When it comes to the best headlamps on the market, you truly can’t go wrong with any model by Petzl, Black Diamond, Fenix, and Princeton Tec. Outdoor Nirvana is every outdoors woman and man’s ultimate companion when it comes to exploring nature. We believe that it’s possible to achieve a state of nirvana when you’re fully prepared for a wilderness adventure.

Having a headlamp not only provides a safer journey, it also frees up your hands to give you more freedom. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a new headlamp.

best headlamps


LED lights are what we recommend for headlamps because they require a lot less power, last longer, and provide a brighter light. The best led headlamps will either come with a rechargeable battery, or small easily replaceable batteries.


Grafting off of that last note, the power is important. Some headlamps are rechargeable, even with renewable resources such as small built in solar cells. If you don’t get an led headlamp, you will have to replace or recharge batteries more often.


If you are using your headlamp for something more active than just walking, you’ll want to make sure it has a very secure strap system. Having a secondary strap that goes over the head can be helpful in keeping things secure. Having easy adjustments is also crucial, as well as a material that won’t slide around. The best headlamps for hiking won’t slip off even when you’ve worked up a sweat.

10 Best Headlamps for All Adventures

We have based our picks for the 10 best headlamps by choosing the best brands, and find a variety of head lamps that they make to give you all of the top options.

best headlamps for hiking

Petzl Headlamps

Petzl is a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting gear. Petzl has been producing some of the best headlamps on the market for decades.

In fact, Petzl’s motto is to “access the inaccessible.” Since 1930, this company has been one of the industry’s leading innovators when it comes to highly functional exploration gear.

You truly can’t go wrong with any Petzl lamp. We’ve compiled the most competitive models produced by this manufacturer below.

1. Petzl Actik Core

Petzl Actik Core rechargeable headlamp

What makes this headlamp shine–pun definitely intended–is its flexibility. The Actik Core is ideal for multisport individuals given its adjustable beam settings and lightweight (2.9 ounces). It also comes equipped with an emergency whistle, reflective headband coating, and a five-year warranty from Petzl. The Actik Core is also water-resistant. This headlamp is a little more spendy, but it’s going to be the only one you’ll ever need or use.

2. Petzl Tikka

Petzl Tikka best led headlamp

Explorers with smaller budgets will appreciate this durable, cost-effective lamp currently priced at $30. Despite its lower price, the Tikka doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to quality. In fact, the Tikka is Petzl’s original LED headlamp. Its beams can reach up to 60 meters with an output of 200 lumens. The Tikka can keep your environment bright for up to 240 hours, making it ideal for longer adventures.

3. Petzl Reactik

Best Headlamp for Hiking

Petzl Reactik head lamp

The Reactik falls at the higher end of Petzl’s lamp selection. This sturdy headlamp will actually adjust its lighting based off of the distance being illuminated! This makes the Reactik one of the more efficient models when it comes to the market’s best headlamps. The headband is washable and comfortable, and you can charge the Reactik’s batteries with a USB cable. Take this powerhouse on your next climbing or wilderness trekking excursion, as it is by far the best headlamp for hiking.

Black Diamond Headlamps

Black Diamond is a powerful competitor when it comes to the industry’s best headlamps. This manufacturer also supplies top-notch gear to skiers, climbers, and general explorers around the world. We love these headlamps because they are lightweight, durable, and designed to last.

4. Stride Headlamp

black diamond stride headlamp

If you’re seeking a sturdy light to take with you on night runs or adventures, the Stride is right for you. The stride is unique for its strobe capacity, helping make night runners visible to others. Its single power LED can also function as a single beam, and you can charge its lithium battery with a USB cable. The Stride can attach to packs, dogs, and ankles.

5. Sprinter Headlamp

Best Rechargeable Headlamp

Sprinter Headlamp black diamond

The Sprinter is one of Black Diamond’s top headlamp models, and it’s designed for aggressive mountaineering. This lamp hits home with 200 lumens of power, an easily rechargeable lithium battery, and storm-proof material. Turn on a red strobe light at the rear of this headlamp when trail running, and enjoy the tri-support of the Sprinter’s secure headband. We officially dub this guy the best rechargeable headlamp.

Fenix Headlamps

Fenix is one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers because it specializes solely in lighting gear. Plus, Fenix has been illuminating the dark since 2005. Check out these Fenix models when searching for your next headlamp.

6. Fenix HP25R

Fenix HP25R headlamps

If you’re in need of a true headlamp powerhouse, the HP25R is the headlamp for you. This headlamp produces 1000 lumens and includes a tri-support headband ideal for high impact activity. What’s more, users can choose between two types of light depending on your lighting needs. In addition to beam flexibility, the HP25R can operate for 96 hours at four brightness levels.

7. Fenix HM50R

Fenix HM50R headlamp

This Fenix model is ideal for adventurers needing a cold-weather-resistant, multipurpose light source. It’s proven to resist freezing temperatures and is one of the most lightweight models on the market. What’s more, you can charge the HM50R’s batteries with a USB cable and even use this lamp as a flashlight if need be. Enjoy 500 lumens with the HM50R.

8. Fenix HL55

Best Tactical Headlamp

Fenix HL55 headlamp

This Fenix headlamp provides users with 900 lumens of neutral white light output, making it ideal for humid and/or foggy environments. Users will love the HL55’s “Burst” mode, a setting that enables a 30-second high-output of illumination at any time. Use this Fenix model for cave explorations, extended wilderness camping, or all-season back-country excursions. What’s more, this model clocks in at an affordable price considering all you get.

Princeton Tec Headlamps

Last but not least, browse for some of the best headlamps on the market by checking out models by Princeton Tec. This company has been outfitting adventurers in a variety of capacities since 1975. Here are some of our favorite headlamp models by PT.

9. Princeton Tec Apex Extreme

Best Backpacking Headlamp

Princeton Tec Apex Extreme headlamp

This headlamp’s name says it all. Ascend any apex or combat any extreme environment with light from this LED trojan. Enjoy a max of 350 lumens with this headlamp, 200 hours of burn time, and high beam flexibility. The Tec Apex also securely fastens to any head with high-level tri-support. Because of it’s amazing burn time and light output, we suggest this one to be the best backpacking headlamp out there.

10. Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp

Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp

If you’re seeking some thrifty assistance in the dark, the Fred headlamp by Princeton Tec will suit your needs well. This low price headlamp offers ultra-bright white and red LED illumination, an adjustable headband, and waterproof material. Enjoy four lighting modes with the Fred. What’s more, the Fred comes with the company’s lifetime warranty.

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