A folding knife is a good tool to have on hand. Not only are they used for everyday cutting and prying tasks, earning you the title of handiest man, but can come in clutch during emergencies like cutting a rope or a seatbelt, hunting and fishing purposes, and even survival. A well crafted knife is a thing of beauty, but quality costs. So please choose a knife wisely. In this article, we will provide our readers with information about selecting a folding knife and a list of the 5 best folding pocket knife options.

Many people enjoy setting aside the business of daily life and getting out of town and into the wilderness for a bit. Some go to the outdoors to camp and relax, while others have their sights set on doing some hunting or fishing. No matter what the purpose of the journey, having a good knife that folds, and can be put in your pocket or stowed in your gear, is always a good idea. Folding knives are popular for such purposes because they are easy to carry or pack and because the blade is safely tucked away into the handle of the knife where it is protected until you need to use it.

5 Best Folding Knives of 2017

Here are the top 5 best all around folding knives for the outdoorsman, including some of the best pocket knife brands:

1. Kershaw Cryo G-10 Folding Knife
Kershaw Cryo G-10 Folding Knife

A really high quality knife from a great manufacturer. This is the best kershaw EDC, and probably the best pocket knife in the world.

2. Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife
Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knives

This is the best Spyderco knife in their range. Rugged and hard wearing, but also has a real classy look. The best small pocket knife on the market.

3. Benchmade Griptillian Folding Knife

Benchmade Griptillian Folding Knife

If you are looking for the best pocket knife under 100 dollars, look no further. This is a top quality blade, and the best pocket knife for the money you will find anywhere.

4. Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Knife
Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Knife

Really sturdy knife, and possibly the best EDC pocket knife you will find. The handle has a great feel, and the solid black blade looks really cool. Really compact, and possibly the best pocket knife on our list.

5. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Folding Knife
Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Folding Knife

The best spyderco EDC knife you can get. Super strong, and looks awesome. The best quality pocket knife you will find.

General Thoughts on Folding Knives

folding knife has a number of advantages over a regular, fixed blade model. To start with, they will be more convenient to carry than fixed blades. Once folded, they can be tucked away into a pocket, backpack, fanny pack as well as a purse quite easily. Therefore a knife can always be close by any time it is required. This makes it the best camping knife, as you can easily fit it in with the rest of your gear. 

Another reason why folding knives are a good choice is that the blade always has protection, as long as it is folded, without having to also carry a knife sheath. As a result, the blade of a pocket knife is a lot less likely to be damaged, bumped and nicked, and they typically don’t need to be sharpened as often either.

Also, with folding knives there is far less danger of the user, or another person like a child, being nicked by the blade. A folding pocket knife is a great tool to have available and gives you  a sense of security, since the blade isn’t exposed at all times.

Folding Knife Attached to Lanyard

As a general rule, you will find two main types of folding knives on the market. The first is the traditional pocket variety of knife, which is folded closed with simply a bit of pressure on the blunt edge of the blade. It is always important that you ensure that your fingers are clear of of the blade recess when you’re shutting it in order to prevent injury.

There is one main drawback to folding knives; they can be hard to clean thoroughly. When used for skinning game or cleaning fish, the tissue and blood can easily get into the grooves and the mechanisms in the handle of a folding hunting knife, so removing all of these elements can be challenging. But, since they are so convenient to carry, most people still opt to carry pocket knives on their ventures into the wild.

Once a decision is made to buy a new folding knife the individual must examine all the different options. Consider it like purchasing any other important piece of equipment except this time its dealing with knives. Blade material, handle, and shape must all be judged by the buyer and taken under advisement before one should lay down any of their hard earned cash. If budget is an issue, look for the best pocket knife under 50 dollars. While you can spend a lot on these knives, you can also find the best cheap pocket knife around pretty easily.

Top 3 Most Important Considerations When Buying the Best Folding Knife for You

Parts of a Folding Knife

Basic Knife Anatomy

Great, you decided to get that new folding knife. Now what is it for? Fishing, hunting, or even self protection is now what you should start thinking about. Usually knives are used in tough and precise circumstances and your success will depend on the knife you are about to choose. An incorrect purchasing decision will only make your job tougher in the end. That being the case there are three characteristics to judge when hunting for that new knife.

1. Blade Material

The blade’s makeup is very important. Today’s blades have the ability to be made of lots of different materials. Each one has its own positive and negatives and needs to be judged. That being said, the steel blades still offer the most bang for the buck. It tends to wear much longer than other materials and does not need the care that other blades do. Sharpening can become an issue as it is made to really last compared to its rivals.

2. Handle & Folding Mechanism

Another important thing to look at is the housing unit or the storage compartment that the folding knife actually folds into. This can also greatly vary depending on the knife. Materials such as plastics, composites, and metal are often used. Now what is best depends on the user. There is not right or wrong answer as long as the buyer addresses concerns such as weight, water resistance, and slip proof features.

3. Blade Style

Finally one must look at how the blade is shaped and its length. Different styles and configurations have to be looked at. Remember that the pretty or cool blade might not be the best blade for the job that you are asking it to do. As all these new, fancy knives hit the market, I suggest that is it best to pick the tried and true configuration as it is time tested. Also make sure your blade is the right size for the job you need.

In conclusion, if one were to take all the above into consideration and do their homework then they will come away with the right folding knife for the right job. It might cost a little more than you hoped for, but you get what you pay for in the world of knives. It is best to get a quality product that will be there for you for many years to come than scrimp and have to just replace it.

How To Select A Folding Knife

It will always be a pleasing experience for you to buy a folding knife whether for the first or the fiftieth time. Some points should always be considered before buying the knife regardless if for practical purposes or for hobby of collection. So here are a few points that should be considered.

Folding Knives with Pocket Clips

  • Light Weight. A light weight folding knife would be a good option when selecting one for practical purposes. This would certainly help in everyday carrying, however, never forfeit durability and strength for light weight.
  • Brand Quality. Personally speaking, branded knives are always a better option. A good quality steel blade is required to hold an edge and sharpen well when required. Remember, everyday usage of knives lead to a huge wear and tear.
  • Blade Locking Mechanism. Also make sure that you select a knife that has a good blade locking mechanism. You don’t want your blade closing accidentally. This safety feature is included in many knives so that the blade does not causes an injury.
  • The Look. Before buying the knife, ask yourself, if you really like the knife, if the answer is yes, only then go ahead. Otherwise, there have been many who just buy a knife because of cheap price but they are not satisfied with the look. You will most likely regret this with any purchase, unless you find the very best cheap folding knife around.
  • Pocket Clip. If using for practical everyday use, then your folding knife should also be equipped with a pocket clip and it would definitely be a bonus if it can be switched to both sides. This feature not only enhances the tactical quality of your folding knife but also makes it easy to carry.
  • Pivot. Of all the components in a folding knife, the pivot is the most important one. Not only is the knife opened through the pivot but also the lock that holds the blade is placed there. If the springs at the pivot work properly then you will be able to easily open, close, and use your folding knife.

Several Important Facts to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Folding Knife

If you are searching for the best folding knife then this article will help you in choosing the apt one. It explains several important ideas and tips that will certainly make your job comfort and result-oriented. All you need to do is to go through the provided information before proceeding to purchase such knives. It is often said that getting the best possible knives is a quite a clumsy job as you will get number of styles and brands to choose from. But, if you are clear about your needs and looking to find the right product in accordance with your needs, then you will certainly get the right option without facing much difficulty.

The best hunter folding knife is not necessarily the best option for you. These are also not ideal for backpacking and camping. Moreover, a best pocket knife is also not ideally suited as a survival or tactical knife. So, in order to make your decision effective and easier, you can break down the assorted activities where you might use such kind of knives.

Camping and Hiking:

Pocket knife or Swiss army knife is something that known to be a perfect option for this type of activity. We’d suggest checking out the best edc folders as a good first stop. There are a number of designs of such knives available, also blessed with an array of instruments for the camper.


Many hunters prefer to go with a drop point knife. This certainly has a thick curved blade that is known to be perfect for shipping game in the field. Besides, it has also an ability to use the total edge of the blade rather than only the point makes this a popular option.


If you are seeking for a knife built to last, then you are advised to get a multi-purpose blade that clearly indicates that the blade is a part straight edge.


The tactical folding knives include only single purpose blades and are certainly not able to perform multi tasks and are not the right choice for all. But, those who are looking for a perfect knife for defense purposes, can find this one as a right choice. If you are going to purchase such knives then you should choose one that can deploy quickly.

Combination knives:

You can easily find varieties of combination-folding knives available in the market, which, provide attributes of all of those mentioned earlier. These knives also include various important instruments that include sockets, screwdrivers, chisels, and sprit levels.

Choosing A Solid Folding KnifeSlip Joint Knives

Folding knives are perfect for any man or women. They are practical and can function as a tool and for security. A folding knife can be easily stored in a pocket or backpack. The blade folds perfectly into the handle of the knife for safety. When using this invaluable tool you will find it practical to carry at all times no matter what you are doing. A folding knife is good for inside functions such as opening boxes and cutting off tags and outdoors for cutting rope and fishing line. This is the only type of knife that is practical for all people from laborers to politicians.

When it comes to choosing the right folding knife there are several characteristics that are important to note. Take some time to learn and research different brands and components available in a quality knife. The more you know about exactly what you are looking for in a pocket knife the easier it will be to narrow down your choices. Below are some key characteristics to consider before making a folding blade knife.

Blade Material

There are many blade materials, for a comprehensive list check out this Wikipedia page.

  • Steel: A steel knife blade is one of the sharpest blades available. Steel is simple to sharpen and holds an edge well. The major disadvantage to a steel blade is the wear and tear; steel blades tend to rust, stain and corrode over time and use. View steel types here.
  • Laminate: Laminate folding knife blades are popular because they use a combination of metals layered together to create your blade. The use of multiple metals layered together gives you the benefits of each type while alleviating the major pitfalls.
  • Titanium: Folding knife blades created out of titanium are the most expensive available. Although they are expensive you will find that titanium is incredibly resilient, wears well and tends to give more than steel does.
  • Ceramic: If you are looking for a lightweight knife to carry in your purse or pocket one with a ceramic blade will be desirable. Ceramic is highly fragile but can be easily maintained for years with proper care.

Forged vs. Stock Removal

  • Forged: A knife blade that is forged is made with one piece of metal. It is shaped using a press or hammer while the metal is very hot.
  • Stock Removal: This method creates a knife blade by shaping the blade by grinding away the metal. Stock removal is a simpler method of making knife blades and therefore knives made from this method tend to be less expensive than forged knife blades.

Knife Handle Material

  • Wood: A wooden knife handle provides a stable grip that stays warm in the user’s hand. The one disadvantage of wooden handles is that they tend to wear quickly when not properly maintained.
  • Plastic: Plastic handled knives tend to be slippery but offer the benefits of being easy to care for and inexpensive.
  • Rubber: If you are looking for highly durable knife that offers a cushion a rubber handle may be right for you.
  • Stainless Steel: For durability, reliability and low maintenance a stainless steel knife handle is your choice. The one thing to be careful about though is when using the knife around heat. A metal handle will conduct heat and become too handle if exposed to heat for a fair amount of time.

Opening & Locking Mechanisms

The mechanics of the knife are one of the most important points involved in folding knives. You must determine how easy or difficult you want the knife to be to open and close. Do you want the knife to lock in place when open or be held in place by a spring mechanism? When closing the knife do you want to press a button or slide the blade into position? Carefully examine the different option mechanisms available for opening, locking and closing your folding knife blade.

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